End of tenancy cleaning

Looking for End of Tenancy Cleaning Service? Everybody has been there at least ones. The experience can be quite stressful. That’s why is best to leave the service to the expert tenancy cleaners. 


End of Tenancy Clean


The End of Tenancy cleaning is a very specific cleaning. Mainly designed for people who are moving in or out of a property. It is usually provided at the end of a tenancy period. Similar service is also also provided when tenants are moving in the property.

The move-out cleaning is a full deep clean of the entire property. The End of Tenancy Cleaning includes (but not limited):

  • cleaning of all rooms,
  • fixtures,
  • furniture,
  • appliances,
  • kitchen cupboards inside and out
  • windows internally
  • oven

The End of Tenancy Cleaning service is always performed by a team of Professional Cleaning Technicians. Our team will stay at the property until everything is properly cleaned top-to-toe.

The service is guaranteed for 48 hours after completion. You reserve the right to inform us of any missed areas during the initial cleaning session. If this is the case – we will schedule a second visit at the property to rectify this completely FREE of charge.


End of Tenancy Cleaners


You wonder what a guaranteed end of tenancy service means?


If by any chance the landlord or the check-out inspector is not satisfied with the cleaning and the inspection was made within 48 hours after the service was completed. Then we will send a team back to do a re-clean for free.

This will ensure that the tenants will receive their deposit back from the landlord with no hassle. Also the landlords will welcome new tenants in a cozy, clean home, eliminating any complaints at the start.


In addition to the included tenancy service items:


If you wish to have your carpets steam washed together with the end of tenancy service. We will be happy to offer you 50% Discount on the carpets if booked together with the Tenancy Cleaning. The same discount will be provided to the below items:

  • upholstery
  • external window cleaning
  • pressure washing

If you wish to know the cost for the tenancy cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact us for best prices. We are here for you 24/7.